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Terms Of Use

By visiting and using this site, you are agreeing that the Debacle Nation is, and will always be, the epitome of irrational, uncontrolable behaviour experienced and provoked only by existing members and pledges.

You also agree to the complete understanding and acknowledgement of the following scripture:

“Is not love unlike the liking unlike that liking that love is unlikingly like?”

Furthermore, you will henceforth refrain from contributing any and all efforts established in anticipation of the demise of the Debacle.

Should you not adhear to the terms of use, you are willingly presenting yourself as a suitable target for public ridicule and derision to the enjoyment of the Debacle and all those associate with and supportive of its cause.

Marriage Clause

If a married individual chooses to participate in a Debacle, The Debacle Nation will not be held liable for any and all results affecting said marriage in the future. Should the marriage be terminated as a direct result of the individuals involvement in a Debacle event, the individual will assume full responsibility for his actions. Under no circumstances is the Debacle Nation accountable for the demise of any participants relationships.

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