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Where will the Ralph/Di Domizio wedding be held?
Total Votes: 9 Started: November 26, 2007
Where will the next Debacle be?
Total Votes: 2 Started: November 6, 2007
Who will win The Worst Hockey Pool Ever?
Total Votes: 8 Started: October 16, 2007
What was the biggest NHL trade this season?
Total Votes: 2 Started: March 2, 2007
What city has the hottest women?
Total Votes: 4 Started: February 13, 2007
What's the best video game of all time?
Total Votes: 2 Started: February 5, 2007
What is your favorite Sterger picture posted on Debacaleville so far?
Total Votes: 6 Started: January 29, 2007
Which mud wrestling matchup would you like to see most?
Total Votes: 8 Started: January 22, 2007
Who should be our Debacleville covergirl?
Total Votes: 17 Started: January 15, 2007
Who is least likely to figure out how the new Forum works?
Total Votes: 2 Started: January 8, 2007
What is the most disappointing NHL team this year?
Total Votes: 2 Started: January 2, 2007 1 = Added by a guest
Who will be the first to pass out on NewYears?
Total Votes: 15 Started: December 20, 2006 1 = Added by a guest
Which pro athlete is the most over-paid?
Total Votes: 1 Started: December 20, 2006

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